2016.10.19 – Front Squat

Equity Strength & Conditioning – CrossFit

Story Time

Strict Before Kip (No Measure)

– Why do we Kip?

increased work capacity. Power and Speed

– Why do we Strict?

Strength, Coord, and Bal. Control and Stability.

– Injury

Load under stress. ex – pullup

– Trying to walk without learning how to stand.



Proud chest and hard belly.

Front Squat (2×8 @ 70%, 2×6 @ 75%, 2×4 @ 80%, 2×2 @ 85%)



Virtuosity Hold that true l-sit.

Metcon (Time)

5 minute AMRAP

Hanging L-Sit
M1 Hollow Hold

M2 Tuck Hold

M3 Half L-sit

M4 L-sit


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